As advertising students ourselves, we know that it can be difficult to network with industry professionals or gain valuable field-related experience. Instead of seeing each other as competition, it’s the Ad Club way to encourage our fellow advertising students to work together so that we all might be successful.

That’s why we’re sharing how you can get more involved within the Mayborn program and out in the real world.

Gravitas, Ad Team

Headed by Brice Campbell, Ad Team is a selection of students who work together to compete in the annual National Student Advertising Competition. Each year, the competition is sponsored by a different company, which in turn, becomes the client for the mock advertising campaign.

Ad Team is a two-semester commitment, but the rewards are well worth it – and we’re not just talking about the trophies UNT brings home.

Gravitas team members learn the inner-workings of ad agencies, add to their creative and strategic portfolios and build life-long relationships with their peers.

Applications for Ad Team are emailed to Mayborn students by Cathy Turner in September and placements are announced in October. Being a part of Ad Team also replaces the need for an “Advertising Campaigns” credit in your degree program.

SWOOP, the Student-Run Advertising and PR Agency

Life-long industry professional, Professor Bill Ford, coaches the student-led advertising and PR agency, SWOOP. Members meet every weekday morning to discuss the real work they’re doing for real clients.

This is another way students can swoop into real-world positions under the wing of someone who ran his own agency for fifteen years.

Applications for SWOOP are emailed to you by Professor Ford upon request. SWOOP serves as a single-credit class that can meet your internship requirement for your degree program.

Ad Club, Officer Positions

Joining our leadership team is another great way to get involved. This is a student organization supervised by Brice Campbell.

Responsibilities vary from position to position, but everyone is responsible for meeting up a few times during the summer to recruit incoming freshmen and transfer students into the club.


  • Contacting potential guest speakers for meetings
  • Oversees/coordinates all activities of the organization
  • Acts as main liaison to university community
  • Presides over all meetings
  • Prepares agenda for meetings
  • Handles bank account and finances of UNT Ad Club
  • Oversees organization renewal each semester with UNT Student Activities

Vice President:

  • Distribute posters for meeting at least one week (7 days) prior to ad club meeting
  • Assumes duties of President, when necessary
  • Assists President in coordinating activities
  • Oversees renewal with AAF each year
  • Ensures that all AAF forms meet deadlines
  • Attends and oversees all recruitment events/opportunities
  • Sets up slideshow for every meeting

Alumni Relations:

  • Keep updated list of alumni.
  • Facilitate communication between alumni. (Newsletters)
  • Administer an alumni panel during the Spring semester.
  • Takes photos at club meetings and events
  • Coordinates with VP of Alumni Relations to supply photos for Alumni Newsletter
  • Organizes photos to be referenced when needed

Digital Communications:

  • Post a new opportunity for internships on website and social once every week
  • Send email reminding students about meetings – Cathy Turner
  • Update email list of current members
  • Regularly updates club’s social media accounts
  • Oversees/creates website content
  • Ensures members have avenues to find information about the organization


  • Updating organization wall space (first floor of GAB, across from room 114)
  • Designs all materials needed by the organization including, but not limited to, posters, logos, and online content
  • Coordinates with Digital Communications to ensure all materials are provided to update the club’s social media accounts and website


  • Providing contact information for President to provide reimbursements accordingly
  • Plans and coordinates all advertising agency visits
  • Oversees all details relating to ad agency visits (e.g. transportation, dress code, itineraries, resumes, etc.)
  • Prints and binds resumes and thank-you letter before each agency visit


In April, students have the opportunity to give a brief presentation on how they would serve as an Ad Club officer. Club members and former officers will vote to select the new set of officers.

Once elected, you’ll have a short meeting with your predecessor to get a firmer grasp on your responsibilities moving forward.


Ad2Dallas is an organization for graduated industry professionals under the age of 32. Although this group is not exclusive to UNT alumni, there are many Eagles representing us and cheering us on within the organization.

Ad2Dallas puts on a number of networking events throughout the year. We’ll be announcing them during meetings and on social media so you can take full advantage of these important networking opportunities.