Who are we?

Ad Club is an organization that prepares students for careers in advertising. During our meetings, we show you everything from how to build a rockstar resume to how to land an internship.

Why should you be a part of Ad Club?

Our members have the chance to learn from top professionals in the advertising industry. We host a wide array of guest speakers that want to see our members become experts in their field.

We give our members valuable information on how to get internships or jobs, while also educating students about different aspects of the ad industry. We also regularly travel to ad agencies in the DFW area, allowing students to see the inside of agencies before starting their careers! UNT Ad Club is the number one way to network with current ad professionals.

Who can come to our meetings?

Anyone is welcome to attend our meetings! You don’t have to be an advertising major.

Do we have membership dues?

Yes. We do. But you don’t have to pay to attend meetings.

What does a paid membership get you?

A paying member gets not only membership to Ad Club, but to the American Advertising Federation and Ad2. Both are professional organizations that host networking events and conferences. In fact, most of their members are current ad professionals, so being able to attend their events is a great way to kickstart your career through building connections as a student. We let members know when these are coming up!

Paid Ad Club membership also gets you Ad Club graduation cords during your final semester in school. Additionally, a paying member gets priority on advertising agency visits. Sometimes we’re only allowed to take a certain number of visitors to ad agencies. When that happens, our paying members have their spots secured.