Welcome Back!

It’s no secret that the past few months have been difficult for all of us. 

We’re facing distanced learning and feelings of disconnection while trying to maintain some sense of normalcy.

Though, sometimes it’s the challenges and setbacks that reveal the good around us. It allows us to step up for one another and offer support and encouragement.

And sometimes…it’s from 1,700 miles away! 

Thanks, technology! 

Last Thursday Ad Club had the pleasure of hosting Ash Ramirez as our first guest speaker of the semester! 

This Brooklyn resident has more than a few achievements to boast. Ash, UNT and MAIP Alumni, is currently the Manager for Inclusion and Diversity for media company, Condé Nast, and co-founder of non-profit, Women Who Create.

During the Zoom meeting last Thursday, students had the opportunity to hear Ash’s stories of navigating college, industry challenges, and moving all the way from Texas to New York. It was a chance for the students at UNT to be empowered and inspired through the success of someone who was once in their shoes. 

Our guest speakers offer so much insight and wisdom that we’re able to take into our careers as students and professionals. Ash offered incredible, first hand accounts of what it’s like to take on dreams and goals, and to conquer challenges that present themselves along the way.

By hearing from someone who’s been through through what we’re currently facing, we’ve been able to gain a better understanding of what it looks like to transition from college into the industry. One of the big things Ash explained to us, was how to evaluate potential employers and company cultures in order to find the places where we’ll grow and thrive.

Our group was able to talk through the shifts occurring in the advertising and media industries, and discuss the strides that are being made in moving from words to actions.

It starts with each of us. Every conversation with an alumni or industry professional ignites an excitement for boldness and perseverance. Now more than ever.

In the weeks to come, Ad Club is striving to be an advocate for the students of UNT. We are operating as a space for growth and learning and will continue to spark conversations like this with our guest speakers and with our peers in order to play our part in the industry well. Starting now.

If you’d like to catch up on our conversation with Ash and stay up-to-date on what we’re talking about in Ad Club, visit the link below.

We hope to see your face through the screen next Thursday, October 1, during our next virtual meeting!


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