Ad Club Rebrand

The spring semester, and now summer, has looked far different from what any of us expected.

We went from running full force toward internships, careers and long awaited goals…

And instead hit a wall.

We went to class at our parents’ kitchen tables, conducted meetings through a screen, and said “goodbye for now” to the multitude of plans we’d made.

But, now we’re faced with the choice to either stay stuck, or make something great out of what we’ve been given.

Here’s what we’re doing

The idea behind our rebranding is to remind students that we’re here for them even though our circumstances have become a bit uncertain.

Our goal as Ad Club is to be a voice for the creative students at UNT. We’re striving for open lines of communication and create a safe space for students to learn and grow, make mistakes and ask questions.

Our relaunch will involve a new, modernized, personable voice. Through blog posts, active social media, a podcast and some pro bono campaign work, Ad Club is stepping up and letting everyone know that we’re still here and working hard despite the barrier of distance.

Why make a change?

Advertising has power. Power to ignite change. Power to make people feel and act. COVID-19 has put a wrench in just about everything, but the advertising industry has used this as an opportunity to produce work that encourages community and support for those around you.

We want Ad Club to bring just that to the students at UNT. By updating our methods and our platforms, we’ll be better equipped to reach those around us and to create conversation rather than just sitting around.

What will this entail?

We want to be real. We want to be transparent…to put a face to the name “Ad Club.”

With our student-administered podcasts, conversations with industry professionals and hands-on work with local organizations, we will show students the realities of the industry and how to navigate them. 

Advertising thrives off of unforeseen events…it revolves around seizing opportunities while things are a little messy, because that’s how you reach people. To empathize and to create a connection.

Ad Club is stepping up and taking that initiative, and we’re so excited for it to all unfold!

-UNT Ad Club

One thought on “Ad Club Rebrand

  1. Broyles, Sheri says:

    Hello Ad Club team,

    Kudos for your leadership. This is really smart. I’ll look forward to seeing how this plays out going forward.

    So will you be sending out the podcasts via email? Or some other way.

    Be safe,
    Dr. B

    Sheri Broyles, Ph.D.
    Professor of Advertising
    Mayborn School of Journalism / University of North Texas
    ~ University Distinguished Teaching Professor
    ~ Scripps Howard Teacher of the Year
    ~ J.H. Shelton Excellence in Teaching Award

    TEDxTALK: The simple secret to being more creative


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