Agency Visit: Slingshot


Last Friday, the UNT Ad Club visited Slingshot in Downtown Dallas. Slingshot was tucked into a dim, cozy building with three sister companies. Slingshot owns Speakeasy, a marketing agency, Swimming Duck, a creative advertising agency, and Varnish, an in-house production company. It’s a member of AMIN Worldwide and prides itself on its fiercely independent culture.

Slingshot started in 1995 and now stands as one of the largest independent firms in the southwest area. It serves as a full-service agency, with offices in Dallas and Austin.

The UNT Ad Club was greeted in the lobby by recruiter Allison Hamm. She showed them around the unique interior of the agency, where some meeting rooms were once old elevator shafts and their trophy room was an old vault.


We are marketing in an age of unprecedented distraction.

Slingshot’s three tenets to get attention in “an age of unprecedented distraction” are: passion points, personalization, and creative disruption. During their 22 years of innovation, they’re focused on staying on trend and growing the brand of their clients.

Allison shared a presentation on Slingshot’s campaign for Texas Tourism. In 2011, leisure travel was up 12%, but visitation fell 17%. There were negative, misleading perceptions of Texas culture. Slingshot faced this challenge with the idea that they would personalize messaging to targeted segments. Since traveler’s want an intimate, personal travel experience, the messaging should reflect that consumer desire. Through their campaign, they consistently delivered the impression that Texas has something for everyone, and they succeeded.

At Slingshot, they want results, but they also don’t want to burn out their employees. They are big on team building, creative collaboration, and social interaction. Working at Slingshot is a balance between long work hours and meaningful connections, rigorous idea generation and celebrating with coworkers.

Slingshot offers internship opportunities for students or recent grads looking for a starting opportunity. Their internships are fierce, yet rewarding. They have two different types of internships.


  • Mini agency within other “Slingterns”
  • 40 hours per week, 10 weeks long between June and August
  • Pays $10 per hour
  • Free parking or DART pass
  • Mentorship
  • Full book to add to portfolio upon completion


  • Pays $10 per hour
  • Flexible hours
  • Opportunity to diversify skills
  • Agency experience
  • Free parking or DART pass


When applying, here are some things that Slingshot says they look for are:

  • Tactical work
  • Creative thinking
  • Technical abilities (basic)
  • Willingness to learn new things

Other pieces of advice for advertising students:

  • Be up-to-date on industry developments
  • Use the internet to research any agency you want to work for/intern at
  • Reach out to creatives at agencies for a portfolio review
  • Before any interview, always look into who the person interviewing you is and what they do

Interested in being a “Slingtern?” You can follow this link to check out their program! They’re always reviewing applications year-round, but they really focus on the summer internships. Apply a season ahead and do a follow up. Be persistent, even when you’re applying at any other internship!

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