Agency Visit: The Marketing Arm

On the 27th of October, the UNT Ad Club went to visit The Marketing Arm’s Dallas office. The Marketing Arm is in the Harwood Center off of Bryan Street. Our ad clubbers were greeted by Allie Duncan, the agency communications coordinator. She took them into a meeting room, where they listened to Corey Lark, the agency communications supervisor, introduce the Marketing Arm.

“Be Anywhere. Do Anything.”


In 1993, Ray Clark founded TMA as a division of Athletic Resource Management.

TMA is an award-winning agency, with big clients including State Farm, Frito-Lay, AT&T, Bacardi USA, Pepsi Co., Gamestop, Nissan, and plenty more.

They work with clients from entertainment to music to sports, and create content from digital to experiential.

They have the opportunity to work with celebrities, athletes, and influencers.

Corey and Allie took the group through the Marketing Arm, discussing the unique culture and environment at their agency.

“Inspiring the best people to improve daily, think bigger and have fun.”





After the tour, Casey and Allie took the group back to the meeting room, where they got to meet three other employees at TMA.

  • Lauren Kirkpatrick, associate recruiter.
  • Jackie Bretoi, account executive (UNT alumna).
  • David Harp, associate creative director (UNT alumnus).

Lauren discussed TMA’s Gateway to Greatness opportunity. Gateway to Greatness is:

  • An opportunity for university seniors to work in a real agency setting.
  • An experience that fosters team building.
  • A unique education in agency culture and operations.
  • A 40-hour/week internship for 5-6 months, enrolling by semester.
  • A way for young professionals, who are committed to inspiration, to shine.

TMA is looking for candidates with independent drive, team spirit, willingness to learn, resilience to endure the grunt work, and go-getter attitude. The tip they gave to set yourself apart is by creating an online portfolio under your unique domain name.

“The more you’re willing to learn, the farther you’re going to go.”

The visit ended with a general Q&A for the employees. Some Ad Clubbers got to introduce themselves to David and get his contact information regarding portfolio reviews. Some talked to Lauren about Gateway to Greatness. Everyone had the opportunity to get to know the Marketing Arm on a personal level. We hope to see you at our next agency visit!

You can follow TMA on all social media at @TheMarketingArm.


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