Kicking off the Fall: Meeting Recap

Back in September, Ad Club started off the academic year with an information meeting in Terrill Hall, room 121, at 7 P.M. The officers introduced themselves and our organization. Following the introduction was an over-view of SWOOP, study abroad opportunities, Ad Team, MAIP, and AAF membership.


Introducing our 2017-2018 Officers

Mazhar Jilani, President.

Mazhar is the face of Ad Club to the university community. He is primarily responsible for managing meetings and officer duties.

Aspiring art director and fine arts enthusiast, advertising is the outlet for his creativity. Joining the program at UNT has been one of the best decisions he have ever made.

Alex Cortez, Secretary

Alex outlines agenda for the meeting, ensures all materials are in place prior to meeting, takes meeting minutes, keeps an updated list of meeting attendees and their status (paid/unpaid), and brings food to meeting.

He loves coffee, the outdoors, and dogs. He want to be Dwight Schrute when he grow up.

Bailey Maxwell, Treasurer

Bailey outlines the budget for Fall 2017, Venmos Secretary for food purchases, Venmos gas/printing money,  and tracks receipts and payments.

She works at Willis library, is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, and is a former SWOOPER!

Antonio Rodriguez, VP of Recruitment

Antonio creates/updates email list, communicates with the Copywriter to send out emails, and tracks membership dues.

Bailey Maxwell, VP of External

Bailey ensures External Chairs are on track and meeting deadlines, garners feedback from members and future expectations, creates slides for meetings, and discusses member fellowship events for “off-weeks.”

She works at Willis library, is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, and is a former SWOOPER!

Maria Diaz, VP Internal/Art Director

Maria has an understanding of event schedule, touches base with recruitment progress, and approves poster from our Designer.

Currently an Art Director in SWOOP, Pledge Educator chair of Mu Epsilon Theta, and Public relation chair Best Buddies UNT. In her free time, she loves painting.

Kevin Karrasco, VP of Creative/Designer

Kevin Updates organization wall space (Sycamore, across from MAC lab), designs all materials needed by the organization (including, but not limited to, posters, logos, and online content), and coordinates with Digital Communications to ensure all materials are provided to update the club’s social media accounts and website.

He currently works as a server at Hannah’s off the Square, but he loves camping and going to Ranger games.   

Ryan Shivers, VP of Event Planning

Ryan provides contact information for the President to provide reimbursements accordingly, plans and coordinates all advertising agency visits, oversees all details relating to ad agency visits (e.g. transportation, dress code, itineraries, resumes, etc.),  and prints and binds resumes and thank-you letter before each agency visit.

Antonio Rodriguez, Copywriter

Antonio creates blogs, approves design copy, approves alumni relations newsletters, and cooperates with Social Media, Communications, and Alumni Relations.

Student. Writer. Artist. Better at expressing himself on a page or canvas than in person.

Bina Perino, VP of Communications

Bina sends meeting reminder emails to Cathy Turner, oversees/creates website content with copywriter, and ensures members have avenues to find information about the organization.

Integrative Studies senior, studying English, Advertising, and Marketing. Marketing Assistant for the UNT Union. In her free time, she loves doing yoga, blogging (hi!), reading, and going on adventures with her boyfriend.

Nigie Johnson, Social Media

Nigie reports to Communications, regularly updates social media pages, and posts a new opportunity for internships on website and social once every week.

She’s an excited graduating senior, majoring in Advertising  and Marketing.

Antonio Rodriguez, Alumni Relations

Antonio approves newsletters, reports to VP Ext. regarding deadlines and progress, maintains communications with alumni, and coordinates with Events Chair to organize Alumni Panel.

Student. Writer. Artist. Better at expressing himself on a page or canvas than in person.


About Ad Club

Ad Club is UNT’s chapter of the American Advertising Federation. Being a member of the AAF and Ad Club can be beneficial to your career in many ways.

  • Provides resources for advertising professionals in the community
  • Access to special events and conferences
  • Networking and job opportunities
  • Priority on agency visits
  • Ad2 – Meant for advertising professionals under the age of 32
  • Valuable information on how to get a job through guest speakers, workshops, and agency visits.

To find out how you can become an AAF and Ad Club member, check out our Sign Up page.


SWOOP, the student-managed advertising and public relations agency, is getting attention in a big way at the Mayborn School of Journalism. SWOOP works on real projects for real clients with real results.

SWOOP is the vision of Dr. Sheri Broyles, Interim Chair of the Department of Strategic Communications in the J-School. Broyles, a former copywriter, started the agency in 2011 with the help of Senior Lecturer Bill Ford, who ran his own agency for 15 years in Dallas. Clients began lining up when word of the agency got out, starting with the UNT Admissions Office. SWOOP wrote, designed and produced the fall and spring Preview books for prospective students.

Students can volunteer at SWOOP or intern for practicum credit. Everyone involved leaves SWOOP with a solid grasp of the industry – and an impressive line on his or her résumé.

You can learn more about SWOOP here!

New York & London 

The officers gave the floor to Dr. Broyles who leads Mayborn students into the streets of New York. She maintained that her students were always pros at navigating the complicated New York subway by the end of the two-week term.

Course details:

  • May-mester
  • 2 weeks, 1 class
  • 3 credit hours
  • Upper-classmen preferred

Advertising students also have the opportunity to study abroad in London!

Course details:

  • 5 weeks, Summer 1
  • 2 classes
  • 6 credit hours
  • Open to all majors

Gravitas/Ad Team

Headed by Brice Campbell, Ad Team is a selection of students who work together to compete in the annual National Student Advertising Competition. Each year, the competition is sponsored by a different company, which in turn, becomes the client for the mock advertising campaign.

Ad Team is a two-semester commitment, but the rewards are well worth it – and we’re not just talking about the trophies UNT brings home.

Gravitas team members learn the inner-workings of ad agencies, add to their creative and strategic portfolios and build life-long relationships with their peers.

Applications for Ad Team are emailed to Mayborn students by Cathy Turner in September and placements are announced in October. Being a part of Ad Team also replaces the need for an “Advertising Campaigns” credit in your degree program.


The Multicultural Advertising Internship Program is an exciting opportunity for minority advertising students. If accepted, students will work with big-name advertising agencies across the country.

  • 12 weeks virtual training
  • 10 week full-time paid internship
  • Agency-sponsored professional events
  • Application has passed


  • Person of color/multi-racial/multi-ethnic
  • US citizen
  • Junior or senior
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Passionate about advertising

In case you couldn’t gather, Ad Club exposes you to the world of advertising!

We have some fantastic guest speakers and agency visits planned for the semester, so come aboard! Join the club that connects you to real-world knowledge and experience in advertising!


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