Advertising Things: Meeting Recap

Last week, during our first meeting of the semester, entitled “Advertising Things,” the new officers of Ad Club explained the benefits of becoming a club member, introduced themselves, relayed their positions and outlined all the ways in which UNT students could become more active in the advertising community.


What’s so great about Ad Club?

  • We invite guest speakers to share their expertise in the industry
  • We host resume/portfolio-building workshops
  • We take field trips to advertising agencies to get a feel for the culture
  • We get to rub elbows with professionals and other rookies like us

To find out how you can become an AAF and Ad Club member, check out our Sign Up page.

Introducing Our New Officers

Candace Allison, President

It’s Candace’s job to make sure Ad Club meetings run smoothly. As the face of Ad Club, she “acts as main liaison to university community.” Fun Facts:

  • She’s a llama lover
  • She loves hiking
  • She loves kayaking
  • In general, she loves being outdoors

Christina Rodriguez, Vice President

Christina is following our president’s lead until Candace graduates in December. At the start of Spring 2017, Christina will become Ad Club president. Fun Facts:

  • She loves DC comics
  • She’s a concert-goer
  • She loves her cat
  • She’s an aspiring art director (and already is one on SWOOP)

Taylor Stroud, VP of Recruitment

It’s Taylor’s job to make sure our emails and newsletters get sent out on time and to the right people. If you’re emailing us, you’re probably either talking to Candace or Taylor. Fun Facts:

  • His favorite hip-hop artist is Tupac
  • His dog’s name is SawZaw
  • He has a twin sister
  • He works at Winstar as a bellman

Amanda Woodard, VP of Digital

Amanda is in charge of digital communication for Ad Club – everything from social media to website management to blog writing (hi, there!). Fun Facts:

  • She enjoys “industrial hiking” (exploring abandoned buildings)
  • She loves reading, especially Harry Potter
  • Her family is important to her
  • She is applying for the Peace Corps

Anila Ademi, VP of Creative

Anila makes everything we do on Ad Club look pretty. She’s in charge of designing all of our posters and any graphics we post on social media or on our website. Fun Facts:

  • She loves dogs
  • She’s from Kosovo
  • She loves to travel
  • She was attacked by pigeons during her study abroad in London

Mazhar Jilani, VP of Photography

You guessed it: Mazhar is in charge of capturing the exciting goings-on of Ad Club on camera. Fun Facts:

  • His cat’s name is Django
  • He’s a self-identified “nerd”
  • He’s lived in three countries
  • He likes to draw

Angel Tate, VP of Event Planning

Angel is the reason our agency visits happen. If you have any questions about which agencies we’re visiting or when we’re leaving, she’s the girl to ask. Fun Facts:

  • She’s a senior
  • She loves Spiderman
  • She loves art/photography
  • She’s passionate about serving others

Leo Herrera, VP of Alumni Relations

Leo is the main correspondence between Ad Club and UNT’s advertising alumni. Fun Facts:

  • He’s a copy writer on SWOOP
  • He loves concerts
  • His plants are his pets
  • He’s a Hufflepuff

We also unveiled our new website! (You are here.)

Also, psst! If you’re interested in guest blogging, reach out to us through our “Contact” page.


Mayborn in London

From there, Anila gave a brief overview of her life-changing experience on one of Mayborn’s study abroad options in London.

Course details:

  • 5 weeks, Summer 1
  • 2 classes
  • 6 credit hours
  • Open to all majors

Then she stepped aside, and let people see for themselves what Mayborn in London was all about.

Mayborn in NYC


The officers gave the floor to Dr. Broyles who leads Mayborn students into the streets of New York. She maintained that her students were always pros at navigating the complicated New York subway by the end of the two-week term.

Course details:

  • May-mester
  • 2 weeks, 1 class
  • 3 credit hours
  • Upper-classmen preferred

Gravitas, Ad Team


Taylor spoke about the trials and triumphs that came from being on Ad Team last year. Last year’s team walked away from District 10’s competition with second place, and Taylor said, “I’m not comin’ back this year to do worse.”


  • Competition is hosted by AAF
  • Sponsored by a real client every year
  • Tasks students to create a holistic integrated marketing and advertising campaign from scratch
  • Great for portfolios

To learn more about applying for Ad Team, check out our “More” tab.


Christina, our Vice President but the President of SWOOP, stepped forward to say a few words about the student-managed advertising and PR agency on campus.


  • You can use it as your internship credit or just volunteer
  • SWOOP stands for “Students Working On Our Profession”
  • You get real experience working with real clients
  • Applications will open this semester

For more information, go to our “More” tab.


The American Advertising Federation is the organization that makes Ad Club what it is.

  • It aims to help advertising professionals in the community
  • It has over 1000 members in Dallas
  • AAF members include all roles of ad agencies
  • Membership grants you access to special events and networking and job opportunities


Ad2Dallas is a branch of AAF for advertising industry professionals under the age of 32. Lots of UNT alumni are members!

They invite Ad Club members and friends to events (such as the upcoming Broccoli for Breakfast at SMU), and we post about them on social media.

You can learn more about Ad2Dallas on our “More” page.



The Multicultural Advertising Internship Program is an exciting opportunity for minority advertising students. If accepted, students will work with big-name advertising agencies across the country.

  • 12 weeks virtual training
  • 10 week full-time paid internship
  • Agency-sponsored professional events
  • Application due October 14
  • Eligibility:
    – Person of color/multi-racial/multi-ethnic
    – US citizen
    – Junior or senior
    – Minimum 3.0 GPA
    – Passionate about advertising


Minority advertising students across the United States can apply for Most Promising Multicultural Student. The award is announced at a conference in New York City from February 13th through the 16th.

The application is open online now but closes October 5th.


  • Person of color
  • Must be graduating in December 2016 or May/August 2017
  • Cumulative 3.2 GPA/Mayborn 3.2 GPA
  • Paid AAF member

Stickell Internship

Candace spoke from experience about the Vance & Betty Lee Stickell Internship opportunity. She was accepted to fill a PR internship at the Whole Foods corporate office in Austin, Texas.


  • Must be nominated by AAF chapter advisor
  • Must be an undergraduate member in good standing of AAF college chapter
  • Must at least be a junior at the start of the internship
  • Must be returning to college in the semester following the internship


Up Next!

Our next meeting will be held in the same place (Terrill Hall, room 121) on Monday, September 26th, at 7 PM. We’re discussing the anatomy of advertising agencies and stripping advertising down to its bare bones.

Bring your laptops! We’ll be live-tweeting this meeting under #untadclub.

See you there!

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